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School Changes Due to COVID 19

To: Community of Rising Star
Subject: School Changes Due to COVID 19
From: Rising Star ISD Administration

The continued uncertainty of the recent COVID outbreak has the entire country at odds about daily activities. Rising Star ISD will continue to operate for the remainder of the year as it is now. There are no more holidays or breaks in instruction days until the school year ends on May 21. Any changes that may be needed will be communicated to the parents and community.

Students are expected to perform the tasks that teachers ask them to do online and in packets sent home. It is important that these tasks are done to receive credit for coursework. We are expecting to be in school next August with all students attending. We look forward to a successful 20-21 WILDCAT experience.

You may reach administration by phone (254-643-1981), HS (254-643-3521),
ELEM (254-643-2431). Please stay in contact and help to address any issues with student learning.

Students aged 18 and below may pick up breakfast and lunch at the elementary school daily between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM. The students must be present to get the meals. Please stay in your car when coming to receive the meals.

We must all practice the usual means of stopping the spread of infectious diseases. Hand washing, avoiding large gatherings, omit touching others, and general good sense in preventing transmission of germs.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.
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Christmas Holidays

Students will be released at 2:00 Friday, December 20th and return to school Tuesday, January 7th. Teachers have a work day Monday, January 6th. Be safe, stay well, and have a Happy Holiday.
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