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Superintendent's Message

From the Superintendent:


To all of the Wildcat supporters and future friends:


The current challenges in our community and state sometimes can seem overwhelming.  In the middle of a storm we can find a place of peace and security.  I believe that place is our school.  In our school we find dedicated professionals, wonderful staff members that are friendly and helpful, and an atmosphere of care and love for the children that attend our school.


Rising Star ISD has always been the focus of a town full of good people that genuinely care for and support the efforts to educate and develop our most precious assets, our children. 


We are making the best effort to have an environment that is safe and sanitary for our students and staff.  Rules concerning visitors to school and to activities are made and enforced to provide the greatest amount of safety to the participants and the ones that come to the various activities.  Please be advised that Rising Star ISD will take any means necessary to protect our students and staff.


We at school will continue to encourage our students to be the best they can be and will provide the leadership to create successful student achievement.  We appreciate your support for our students, staff, and the various activities in which we participate.  We.... are on the rise.


Robby Stuteville, Superintendent of Schools

Rising Star ISD