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Elementary Principal's Message

In education, having both a healthy body and mind are important for developing successful adults for the future.  Here at Rising Star ISD, we are striving to provide a positive learning environment where all of our students can be successful and know that they are cared for. We hope that by building relationships our students understand that  they have a safe place to come to and a family to count on. A push to become involved with school extracurricular activities ensures that all students have an opportunity to find where they belong and provide an outlet for sometimes drama-filled days. 

My dual role as school counselor and elementary dean of students affords me the very unique opportunity to visit with each of our students on a daily basis and develop a connection with them that allows mutual free communication.  It is my hope that the bridge we build on the elementary campus will translate to that same feeling of being connected once our students go onto the high school campus and become involved on that level.  As school counselor, I am able to continue to be available to the students on the high school campus on a walk-in, daily basis to help facilitate discussions, college readiness questions, counseling needs, or just a place to take a moment and refocus.  I feel blessed to have this opportunity to work with all of the students of Rising Star ISD in this way outside of a more formalized classroom setting.

It is my hope and mission to make each moment count for all of our students and help them grow in some way each and every day.  As many have said in the past and, as an alum, I will echo this....."it’s always a great day to be a Wildcat!”


Teisha Childers, M.Ed., RSHS Class of 2001

School Counselor/Elementary Dean of Students