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Teisha Childers, Counselor
Hello! I am Teisha Childers, counselor for Rising Star ISD. I have been with the district for 13 years and have worn many different hats. I am very excited to be in the full-time counseling position this year. I have posted links to the guidance curriculum that I will be implementing this year, as well as links for our Bully and Violent Threat Report Form and the Counselor Referral Form. This form allows students, teachers, and parents to let me know that they would like me to meet with them or a friend or child to discuss things that maybe happening in their lives right now. I am also going to provide a referral to services information sheet that has local resources for seeking help outside of the school. Please call or email with any questions regarding college or dual credit, counseling services, substance abuse, educational planning, financial aid, or CTE. I am happy to help with whatever you need.
[email protected] or 254-643-3521/254-643-2431