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High School/Jr High Principal's Message

From the Principal’s desk

Welcome back Wildcat family!

I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me to join the Rising Star ISD team!  I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and to let you know that I am excited to embark on this journey with both our parents and our students.
Professionally, I  am coming from Eula High School where I taught English I & II and was, for several years, the OAP director.  I obtained my Bachelors of Science from ACU and have my Master’s of Educational Leadership from Stephen F. Austin.  Personally, I have been a member of the Hawley community my entire life.  As needed, I serve as the City of Anson’s Municipal Court Judge and also have a ministry there that feeds and clothes the economically disadvantaged.  There is something special about small town living that I never want to give up and I am pleased to add Rising Star as a home in my heart.  
I have several goals for our district that I am encouraged to work together on.  First and foremost, will be ensuring that every student has equal opportunities to excel in the goals that they will set for themselves.  We will encourage self esteem and work ethic to help them reach for their stars. One of the ways that we will ensure that every student reaches their potential is by implementing guidelines for them to follow that will help them to achieve their goals.  We all know that students often rebel against change and that some of these guidelines will be tough to transition to.  We will do our best to help make this transition as easy as possible for everyone and we completely appreciate all of the parental support from home.
One positive change that we have made to our scheduling is by adding an “Enrichment” period to our day to give our students time to get extra help and hopefully to give them opportunities to be involved in some extra curricular activities like Academic UIL competitions and FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).  This will give students additional time during the day to reach their goals and to have additional support from our staff to do that.  It will also serve as our detention time.  In the event that a student needs corrective action, they will serve this time during this period of the day.  After 3 detentions, and if it appears that they will need additional and firmer support, they will serve a day in ISS.  There will be a learning curve for the first full week of school or so, to help everyone adjust to the new expectations.
I would like each of you to know that I welcome feedback about programs and operations that are presented in a fair and meaningful way.  Our campus policy states that we have a hierarchy of command within our district that I would like to clarify.  If there is a problem that needs to be addressed, please start with the staff that is directly relevant to the issue. If a solution can not be agreed upon after that meeting, then your next step would be to their immediate supervisor.  For example, if the issue is pertaining to the classroom, then you would address it with the teacher first and then proceed to the campus principal if more needs to be done to correct the issue.  If it is a coaching issue, please go to the coach first and then proceed, if needed, to our Athletic Director.  Only after those avenues have been exhausted, should issues be taken to the Superintendent or Board.  Keeping this hierarchy ensures that everyone is given a fair chance at being involved with the solution to the issue.  I do have an open door policy, I only ask that you call ahead and schedule a time to meet with me so that I can give you my full attention.

Again, I can not wait to see the heights that our students can reach this year with the support that they will be receiving from our dedicated staff and loving families!