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Precautions for Illnesses

From the School Nurse

Rising Star Elementary is experiencing several confirmed cases of the flu along with other sickness. Please consider the following and work with us to fight illness and get our students well.

  • Common symptoms are headache, stomach ache, temperature over 100 degrees, and general fatigue. Some students are running a low grade temperature.
  • Some students tested positive for flu, others were diagnosed with sinus infection or severe colds.
  • School policy is that if a student is found to have fever, parents will be called to take the child home. The student may not return to school until he/she is free of fever without the aid of fever reducing medication for twenty-four hours. For example: if the school office calls you to pick up your child because he/she has fever, the child must not return the next day but may return the second day, once he or she has maintained a normal temperature without fever reducing medications for 24 hours.
  • Attendance is very important but healing is important in achieving good attendance. Please allow your child adequate rest and recovery time of at least twenty-four hours if they are sent home with fever. In some cases students are taking 48-72 hours to be rid of fever and to function at school.

Please work with us as we fight this bout of illness and get our students well, feeling good, and ready to learn. Thank you for your cooperation!

 – School Nurse